If you’ve never been to the Canadian Rocky Mountains this location alone will blow your socks off. Banff is one of the top tourism destinations in all of Canada. It’s kool-aid blue waters and towering mountains make it a photographers dreamland. Add a wedding to that backdrop and we guarantee you’ll leave with way too many full memory cards. The weekend will be overflowing with campfire singalongs, sunrise adventures, mountainside coffees and a lot of photography education. 

Feeling uninspired, or just plain exhausted from running your business during a global pandemic!?! We know that feeling all too well. What if you could gather together with like-minded creatives and indulge in a weekend of education and great adventures? Oh wait, you can! Introducing Roam, Stay Close’s first wedding photography workshop in the Canadian Rockies! 

Get the deets!

Dates: May 5, 6, and 7, 2023

Location: Banff National Park 

Your photography permits are included in the cost of your workshop ticket. In order to host a photography workshop in Banff National Park a temporary business license is required. Your hosts will have a copy of these licenses at all times. If you are questioned by a by-law officer simply direct them to your hosts. 


No. 6

Although you have access to a kitchenette all meals will be provided at the workshop. Breakfast will be served at the Canalta Lodge. Lunches have been organized to accommodate our on-the-go schedule. Lastly, dinner will be served within the town of Banff. After registering for the workshop you will fill out a Q+A to indicate any allergies and food preferences. We recommend packing lots of to-go snacks to keep you happy and not hangry in between meals. 


No. 5

On May 5th-7th join our group of 18 taking on the mountains. You’ll arrive at the newly renovated Canalta Lodge located directly on Banff Avenue. Their clean and modern rooms will serve as your homebase for the weekend. Each attendee will have their own bed. Every suite is equipped with high-speed wifi, an on suite bathroom, a TV and a kitchenette. As a hotel guest you’ll have access to outdoor hot tubs and underground parking. 


No. 4

You’ll also attend four learning sessions throughout the workshop. Areas of focus will include:

1. Client communication
2. Workflow
3. Marketing
4. Putting Clients at Ease

Lesson descriptions listed below!*


No. 3

One-on-one mentoring sessions will provide a personalized experience. Learn how to embrace YOU within your brand and find your unique style. What skills do you want to learn or strengthen? After registering, you will answer a questionnaire to help customize your mentoring session. Potential topics include: refining your editing style, pricing for profitability, marketing and social media, a portfolio review, SEO and building a website, or posing and client interaction. No matter where you’re at we will support and guide you.


No. 2

You will participate in portfolio shoots with real couples. Isn’t it the worst when you go to a styled shoot and end up with five other photographers in your pictures? We want you to capture images that you can actually use for your portfolio! You will have time one-on-one with each couple, guided by your hosts. These photoshoots will feature all sorts of local goodies. You may even end up taking a gift bag home for yourself. We will also use this time together to practice flat lay set-ups and to capture group portraits.


No. 1


Lesson Descriptions - Client Communication

Client communication is EVERYTHING! Brochures, guides along with clear and concise communication can make it or break it. From the moment you start emailing your clients to delivering their final gallery your communication should reinforce all their initial excitement about booking you as their photographer. We are going to dive deep into how to best communicate and serve your clients!  

Lesson Descriptions - Workflow

Let’s talk about the most time consuming part of wedding photography, editing! Do you have a workflow that is serving both you and your clients? Learn and implement new strategies so that you can spend more time behind your camera and less time hunched over your laptop. Get ready to finetune the way you organize, edit, and store your work. 

Lesson Descriptions - Marketing

Do you have a marketing strategy? In this course we will discuss how different marketing channels can best serve your business. We’ll look at how websites and social media platforms can be used to generate client bookings. Get ready to receive actionable steps for increasing your businesses web presence. 

Lesson Descriptions - Putting Clients at Ease

As a photographer your service is highly integrated with your personality. Many people get nervous when they think about having a stranger photograph them. As the photographer it is your job to set your clients nerves at ease. Camryn will walk you through ways to gain your clients’ trust in order to capture unique and candid moments. 


Deposit (non-refundable): $1000 CAD + GST 

If you fail to pay your deposit within 24 hours your spot will be offered to the next guest. 

Remaining payment: $999, your second workshop payment will be collected on January 1, 2023

* Please read our COVID-19 policy below

Total Workshop Cost: $1999 + tax


You will be responsible for purchasing a park pass either prior to or at the park gate. If you plan on exploring other National Parks within Canada we recommend purchasing an annual discovery pass as you may find it more cost effective. All vehicles within Banff National Park require a visible Park Pass. If you fail to purchase a park pass you may receive a warning or fine by the RCMP.


Each attendee will be responsible for their transportation to and from the workshop. Sign up for the workshop with a friend and you’ll have instant access to a carpool buddy. We will create a Facebook group for those attending the workshop. You are welcome to talk to those commuting from your region, to arrange transportation. However, in doing so please self monitor the risk relating to COVID-19.  


As hosts we’ve chosen some of our favourite Banff locations while being mindful of where the crowds are at. We’ve selected a variety of locations that include mountain scapes, grassy fields and kool-aid blue waters. We could literally spin you in a circle anywhere in Banff and you’d be facing an epic location. To maintain the element of surprise we have decided to keep the exact locations secret. We have tried our best to choose locations that are walk-in friendly in order to remain accessible to most. If you are physically impaired please contact your hosts at We will happily provide you with a full list of locations and assist in any way possible. 


There has to be some element of surprise. Okay we’ll give you a little hint. Let’s just say we’re working with bakers, florists, make-up artists, hair stylists, and rental companies to bring you the styled shoots of your dreams. 





Katelyn is a wedding + lifestyle photographer based out of Calgary, AB. She lives in the heart of downtown Calgary with her cat kids and husband. Most days you can find her forcefully cuddling her cats, (they love it, she swears), convincing her husband she’s hilarious or enjoying a cold cup of coffee. Not by choice it just happens. To her, exclamation marks are the new period (she apologizes in advance), and people are her true inspiration. She lives for the honest, small moments both messy and sweet. She strives to document couples the way they are together. The way they move together, laugh together and who they are in that moment.




Camryn is a portrait, wedding, and brand photographer from Winnipeg, MB! She’s a pretty driven gal: she knew straight out of high school that photography was something she wanted to pursue. With that in mind, she decided to attend Prairieview School of Photography and graduated with a diploma in professional photography. From there, things just kinda took off! She’s now been in the business for 5 years and has been shooting portraits and brand work for about 3 years. Aside from shooting, she loves helping out in all other aspects of a session! Whether it's location scouting, posing, or even wardrobe styling,
she is here to help her clients' session
dreams come true.




It’s no secret, Brooke is a traveller. She created Stay Close to collaborate with like-minded individuals across Canada. Today, she is a wedding and brand photographer. Her photography career is rooted in her experience working alongside 100+ businesses. She uses her education in marketing and entrepreneurship to teach and support fellow creatives. Brooke is highly involved in every event that Stay Close offers. 


We love this question! We will meet you exactly where you’re at. When you sign up for the workshop you will be asked to describe your current experience. We have purposefully included one-on-one mentor sessions so that you can explore areas of growth specific to your business. If you’re lacking inspiration or need help taking your business to the next level this course is for you. 

Camera basics such as shooting in Manual mode will not be covered in this workshop unless you choose to spend your mentor session diving into this topic. If you need a little help with the basic operations of your camera consider joining the waitlist for Stay Close’s Camera Basics course. 

What skill level is this workshop for?

We will continue to follow both Provincial and National health advisements. The health and safety of our guests is a top priority. With the workshop a year away rules are subject to change as the workshop approaches. We will always err on the side of caution. 

What health and safety measures do you have in place for the workshop?

If the workshop goes forward in-person as planned the entire workshop amount (1999 + tax) is non-refundable. We have decided to take a proactive approach and create a plan B if the workshop can not go ahead as planned. If we are unable to meet in person at this time we will go ahead with the workshop online. The cost will be reduced to $600 + GST to represent the cost of the education. We have purposefully scheduled the second payment for January 1, 2023 so that we have plenty of time to assess the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 before collecting the second payment. 

Can I get a refund if the workshop has to take place online due to COVID-19? 

Please contact if you would like to make a request for a payment plan. Priority registration will be given to those who are able to pay the deposit amount upfront. 

Do you offer payment plans?

If the workshop goes forward in-person as planned the entire workshop amount (1999 + tax) is non-refundable. If the workshop must be held online the cost of 600 + GST is non-refundable. Make sure you clearly set the date aside on your calendar. When you sign up for the workshop you are taking a spot away from another potential student, so make sure that you are fully committed! 

What if I have a scheduling conflict and I can’t make it to the workshop after all?

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